Generations of homeowners have trusted the Amana® brand for heating and cooling systems that Lasts and Lasts and Lasts®. Being associated with the Amana brand we are proud of that history, working with a company that remains true to it’s principles of integrity and dependability. Just like the people at Amana, we’re committed to a job well done – and it shows.
The renowned quality, durability, and performance of today’s Amana brand heating and cooling systems continue to provide homeowners and businesses with premium, lasting comfort. Just as they’ve always done. And always will do. Besides all this, Amana offers some very unique features in today’s market place:

Exclusivity: Medicine Hat Refrigeration is the exclusive Amana dealer for Medicine Hat and surrounding areas. Unlike any other HVAC product in this city, you will not find another Amana dealer within 60-70 kilometers of your home. No dealers with similar product fighting on price, by sacrificing service and installation quality.

Availability: Amana product in Medicine Hat can only be purchased through and installed by Medicine Hat Refrigeration. Unlike our competitors, Amana product cannot be purchased through big box stores.

Warranty: To our knowledge, Amana is the only product available that offers the famous Life Time Unit Replacement Warranty on heat exchangers and compressors (available on select models). Other manufactures will offer Life Time Warranties on the specific part (heat compressor and compressor) while Amana will replace the entire furnace or condensing unit when the heat exchanger cracks or the compressor fails (for as long as you own your home). Combined with the 10 years parts and labor warranty (on select models), buying an Amana unit equals buying piece of mind at an affordable price.

Budget options: besides the high end Amana line, Amana offers a budget friendlier purchase option through the availability of the Amana Distinctions line. The combination of both lines will offer every home owner a suitable option for their heating and cooling requirements without having to sacrifice quality.

Air Quality

Air Quality